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Discover our menus at The Espy

Here you'll find all our menus at The Espy in Portobello on Edinburgh's seafront. We have separate ones for breakfast, lunch and evenings along with special menus like our monthly choice of Sunday roasts and special nights like our recent Rum and Roast night. We hope you can find something which sounds delicious and we try to accommodate all food intolerances and allergies (detailed information can be found at the bottom of each menu). However, if you have any questions our friendly team are always happy to answer any of your queries.

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Call The Espy in Portobello and book your table today!

We usually have tables available for walk-ins at breakfast and lunchtime but during busy times and in the evenings we'd always advise you to call and book to secure your table. We understand that plans can change between making your booking and the day but we'd be very grateful if you could let us know so we can give your table to someone else if you don't need it.